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Astro-Rabbit Backpack

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Best rabbit Carriers or bunny backpack from bunny supply co

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Astro-Rabbit Backpack™️

Do you love your rabbit?

Wish transporting them was easier than ever?

Well NOW it is...

Introducing The Official Astro-Rabbit Backpack™️ ...available now exclusively with Bunny Supply Co.® 


rabbit carrier backpack



Let Your Rabbit Experience the World! 


  • 360 Breathable Ventilation
  • Quality Design
  • Pet Safe & Non-Toxic 
  • Eco-Friendly Materials 
  • Fits Rabbits up to 9 lbs (4.1 kgs)

carrier capsule pet rabbit transporter carrier backpack for sale online


    • Durable & Built to Last
    • Front, Side, and Rear Ventilation 
    • Adequate Air Flow Guaranteed!
    • Fits Rabbits up to 9 lbs (4.1 kgs)


    rabbit or bunny carriers for small pet transportation at bunny supply co.


    Specially designed for house rabbits up to 9 lbs!

    This one-of-a-kind carrier features strategically placed air ventilation holes, making it easy-to-use, fully functional and 100% PET SAFE!

     Despicable Me small pet rabbit or bunny carrier backpack of Minion - Bunny Supply Co

    Despicable Me small pet rabbit or bunny carrier backpack of Minion - Bunny Supply Co




    • Great for Kids & Adults
    • Dimensions: 42 x 32 x 29 cm
    • Ergonomic Design
    • Comfortable for All Day Use!


    breathable pet bunny rabbit carrier transport travel



    The Astro Rabbit Carrier Capsule™️ from Bunny Supply Co. features an easily removable capsule covering for anytime fun & games!

     portable rabbit carrier for pet bunnies from bunny supply co


    😍 Perfect for Rabbit Lover's of All Ages 😍


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     the astro rabbit carrier backpack - bunny supply co


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