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Rabbit Grooming Supplies & Advice (Important)

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Rabbit Grooming Supplies & Advice (Important)

Essential Rabbit Grooming Supplies, Advice, and Answers

grooming information tips and advice for pet bunnies rabbits 

If you own a pet house bunny or rabbit, then listen up! The team at Bunny Supply Co has worked our tails off to bring you the most important, and 100% necessary, pet bunny rabbit supplies, tips, and advice of the year 2018. Trust us when we advise you that having safe and effective grooming tools, equipment, and information is absolutely critical for the overall health and well-being of your beloved cony.

Keep reading to discover why understanding this important advice is absolutely essential to your pet’s overall health, as well as the most highly recommended house rabbit grooming supplies and equipment available to lapin lovers just like you!


To begin, we’ll look into why you definitely need to care about the grooming of your pet bunny or rabbit in the first place. Although house rabbits may seem self-sufficient, this is unfortunately far from the truth. Domestic bunnies and rabbits are sensitive creatures, both mentally and physically. It is critical that rabbit owner’s everywhere understand the information provide below in order to safely groom, and take care of their baby bunny or house rabbit.

You can learn more rabbit grooming basics on the Rabbit Haven website. They run an awesome page.


Did you know that keeping your rabbit’s coat brushed is absolutely necessary for their general health, as well as yours? It is a little known fact that bunnies and rabbits typically shed their coat every three months. The shedding intensity varies from moderate to extreme, and using the best brush for grooming rabbits possible will gently removes excess hair. This has several important benefits. One such benefit is stimulating the release of healthy oils on their skin. Regular grooming will also greatly reduce the amount of hair and allergens scattered about the house, which can lead to problems with allergies and skin irritations for you, as well as your loved ones. Nobody wants that, right?

To learn more about the need to brush pet bunnies and rabbits can be found here in great detail.


Domestic rabbits are, indeed, vigorous self-groomers! They take great pride in the overall health and condition of their coat, and will lick, lick, lick as long as it takes. Sometimes, however, this excessive licking and personal grooming can lead to the accumulation of hair balls in a rabbit’s gut. Who knew! The scary part about this is that your burrow dweller has no way of ridding it's stomachs of this accumulated groomed fur. The danger, and potentially deadly consequences of this, occurs when the fur-ball becomes lodged in the stomach sphincter, blocking the natural flow of food into their intestinal tract. Yikes! This will result in a starving rabbit, unable to digest food.


 Try to brush your small pet at least once a week; especially during times of obvious shedding. Both us, as well as hundreds of other satisfied cottontail owners from around the world, would recommend a grooming tool from Bunny Supply Co. It is gentle enough not to harm your pet’s delicate skin, yet effective enough to rid your rabbit’s coat of potentially harmful excess fur. It is available at the lowest price, and as always, comes with 100% free shipping to anywhere in the world.

If your rabbit allows you to pet them from an extended period of time, you may want to consider picking up this safe grooming brush for bunny rabbits instead! Specially designed with 255 enhanced rubber tips, this easily adjustable “one size fits all” bunny rabbit grooming glove works like magic! It is very soft and 100% safe for bunnies and rabbits of all ages, and is also machine washable. We use this exact product on a few of our rabbits that enjoy being touched, and it works great every time!


The answer to this is a big giant NO! Bunnies and rabbits never intentionally get wet in nature, and even a quick bath here and there can be extremely stressful for them. This stress will cause their heart rate to spike, and could result in a tragic and fatal ending. In addition, bathing a rabbit can quickly cause them to become hypothermic, which should also be avoided at all costs. This common notion that giving bunnies or rabbits regular baths is good for them is a largely misunderstood fact, and we hope to bring this to the attention of as many rabbit owners as possible. 

For more information on the dangers of bathing your pet, give The House Rabbit Society website. 


If your pet spends most of their time indoors you will need to have their nails cut and trimmed from time to time. You will be able to tell if you’re his/her nails are at an unhealthy length through periodic observation, and common sense. Nails that are light in color are very straight forward to trim down. Simply identify where the dark red or brown color within the nail bed begins, and cut safely above that. Darker colored nails should be dealt with in the same way; with extra caution taken in identifying where the sensitive blood colored nail bed begins.

Bunny Supply Co has as amazingly generous online offer in which you get two pairs of nail clippers for pet bunnies and rabbits for the price of one! A reliable pair of nail trimmers is a must-have for any bunny or rabbit owner. The team here at Bunny Supply Co feels that providing an extra pair to our customers, free of charge, is a great way to insure rabbit nails always stay at a healthy length, no matter what.


It is natural and common for a rabbit’s teeth to continuously grow throughout the entire extent of their life. It is important for you as an owner to periodically check to make sure that their teeth are wearing down at a regular healthy pace. While inspecting the status of your rabbit’s teeth, take note to whether their teeth are straight or crooked. Straight teeth are easy to care for; with the most important factor being your pet’s access to fresh Timothy Hay and safe pet rabbit chew toys. Crooked bunny rabbit teeth, also known as malocclusions, require careful trimming with a specially designed tool. You can learn more about trimming crooked teeth on your house rabbit here.

If you feel uncomfortable with attempting to trim your rabbit’s teeth by yourself, we recommend getting it done by a professional at a local pet care shop that provides such services. I’ll never forget how stressful our first attempt at trimming our pet rabbit’s teeth was for us. It’s best to hand this task over to a trained professional to avoid any accidental mishaps. If you still want more information on this topic, visit the Petsmart web page.


There exist two types of hair lengths in which you need to be aware of; short haired and long haired. In regards to short haired bunnies and rabbits, consistent weekly brushing will suffice in maintaining the length and health of their coat. As for long haired rabbits, this is a different story. These specific small animals may require a gentle haircut once their hair grows beyond one inch, or 2.54 centimeters, in length. Due to the fact that bunnies and rabbits are easily spooked, we recommend performing their haircut with a pair of blunted scissors; as to avoid having anything that could possible poke or inflict harm on your pet.

European rabbit bunny grooming brushing preparation information and advice

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this informative blog post discussing what we consider to be the most important rabbit grooming supplies, tips, and advice of 2018. If you have any questions, or would like us to add any further information on this important subject, please send us an email to bunnysupplyco.helpdesk@gmail.com and we will be happy to read what you have to say!

Talk soon!

The Team at Bunny Supply Co







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