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5 Way Rabbit Playtime Tunnel

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5-Way Rabbit Playtime Tunnel

Looking for the perfect pet rabbit toy to provide hours of exercise, engagement, and natural stimulation to your small pets?
Look no further than this exclusive 5-Way Playtime Tunnel from Bunny Supply Co.®
Perfect for owner's of multiple rabbits, rabbit sanctuaries, and small pet rescues!
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  • 100% Pet Safe Colored-Dyes!
  • Machine Washable - Easy to Clean!  
  • Simple to Store When Not In Use!

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Special Benefits

  • All dyes are non-toxic and 100% pet safe! 
  • Provide a healthy outlet for your rabbit's natural burrowing instincts! 
  • Rabbits of all ages love running back and forth, exploring, and hiding-out in runner tunnels!

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 😍 Easily Folds for Quick & Easy Storage 😍


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 Package Includes: 1 x 5 Way Tunnel + 1 x Storage Carrying Case


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