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Indoor Rabbit House (Best Seller)

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Indoor Rabbit House (Best Seller)

Did you know that promoting healthy sleep and rest for your bunny is extremely important?

Show your furry little friend how special they truly are with their very own Adorable Cozy Bunny Sanctuary!

This soft, portable indoor hut is the perfect addition to any rabbit owner's collection. 


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Provides a safe & comfortable indoor house for your precious pet to recuperate, calm down, and feel relaxed!


Special Benefits

  • High Quality 100% Canvas Cotton 
  • Bunnies Love the Feel!
  • Seem-less Stitching that's Built to Last
  • Perfect resting sanctuary promoting healthy sleep, rest, and security
  • Mechanical or Hand Wash - Quick and Easy!


It Folds with Ease for Quick & Easy Storage!

portable indoor pet house


  • 36 x 36 x 38 cm or (14 x 14 x 15 inches)
  • Comfortably Fits Rabbits up-to 7 lbs!



  •  Includes Removable Plush Nesting Mat!
  • Additional Comfort both Inside & Out!


* Limited Addition Colors Available *

Indoor hutches or houses for pet rabbits or bunnies


 Package Includes: 1 x Best Selling Indoor Rabbit House (+) 1 x Removable Plush Comfort Pad


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