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Interactive Logic Treat Toy - Bunnies Rabbits

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Interactive Logic Treat Toy - Bunnies Rabbits

Does your rabbit love to play?

Maybe you wish they would play a little more often?

This fun and interactive rolling treat dispenser makes for the perfect playtime toy to keep them entertained for hours!

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So..how does it work?

The overall process is simple..

and the set up is quick and easy...

puzzle toys for rabbits or bunnies



  • Fun, Playful, & Interactive Design!
  • Transparent Storage Tank!
  • Perfect Combination of High Quality PP and PC Material!
  •  Specially Designed Slow-Release Inner Structure!

puzzle toys for rabbits

Special Benefits

  • Small Pet Can See What Treats Await!
  • 100% Pet Safe & Built to Last!
  • Naturally Controls the Speed of Treat Dispensing!
  •  Prevents Indigestion Caused by Quickly Overeating!

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 Package Includes: 1 x Interactive Logic Treat Toy


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