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Anti-Shedding Brush for Rabbits

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Anti-Shedding Brush for Rabbits 

Did you know that keeping your rabbit's coat brushed is important for their overall health, as well as your's?

Brushing on a regular basis helps stimulate healthy oils on their skin, as well as reducing the hair and allergens scattered about the house..

So keep your rabbit's coat fresher and cleaner than ever with this best-selling product from Bunny Supply Co.® 

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Special Benefits

✅ Durable Rubber & Stainless Steal!

✅ Safe and Small Pet Approved!

✅ Gentle Hair Removal Stimulates Release of Healthy Skin Oils

✅ The Rabbit Owners 2018 Best-Seller! 

best gentle brushes for pet rabbits or bunnies


Our Customer's Love It Because..

✅ Reduces shedding up to 90% by removing loose dead under coat, without damaging your rabbit's topcoat! 

✅ Eco-Friendly Materials!

✅ Easy Release Clasp!

✅ Quick & Easy Clean Up!

bunny rabbit grooming brush


 Package Includes: 1 x Brush for Rabbits (Anti-Shedding) 


best brush for grooming shedding rabbits or bunnies for sale online


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