Wholesale Rabbit Supplies & Products (Bulk) | Bunny Supply Co Wholesale Rabbit Supplies & Products (Bulk) | Bunny Supply Co
Wholesale Rabbit Supplies & Products (Bulk Orders)

Wholesale Rabbit Supplies & Products (Bulk Orders)

Quality Wholesale Rabbit Supplies & Products (Bulk Orders)

wholesale pet house rabbit supplies products accessories buy in bulk

Welcome to Bunny Supply Co, the leading company for wholesale pet rabbit supplies, products, merchandise, equipment, and accessories. Our Pet Rabbit Supply Company is based in the USA, and continuous to grow with tremendous success. With the hard work of our dedicated staff, and loyal social media fan base (nearly 100k followers/subscribers) we have successfully and firmly established ourselves in the competitive market of wholesale commercial rabbit supplies and equipment. Our mission is making pet bunnies and rabbits everywhere as happy and well cared for as possible. We take great pride in doing so by providing inexpensive and high quality merchandise for improving the care, happiness, and well-being of our beloved furry friends.

The purpose of this article is to discuss five of the best-selling, and most popular, products now available for wholesale purchase orders. After successfully selling our merchandise within the Amazon Rabbit Supplies platform, we have since began moving our brand to brick and mortar locations. We specialize in bulk distribution to local pet stores, animal rescues, and rabbit breeders worldwide; and would be honored to bring our company to you.  Now, in no particular order, here are five of our Best Selling Rabbit Supply Items available now from Bunny Supply Co!

  1. Indoor Rabbit House (Portable) 

Looking for indoor rabbit house ideas? Well you’re in luck! This ever popular indoor house for rabbits is a must have for any owner. Did you know that promoting healthy sleep, rest, and relaxation for your small pet is very important? Rabbits need a safe haven to retreat in cases where they feel frightened, unsafe, or threatened. This is because all breeds of European rabbits are prey animals by nature. This spacious, cozy, and easily portable indoor rabbit house is the perfect for placing around the house in rooms where your lapin enjoys lounging. This item also makes for a great add-on to house rabbit cages, hutches, and playpens by providing a plush surface in which to lay. Comfortably fitting house rabbits up to 8 pounds, this item is sure to be used on a daily basis.


  • High Grade 100% Canvas Cotton
  • Durable Seemless Stiching
  • Washing Machine Safe
  • Includes Bonus Removable Plush Bedding Mat
  • Wholesale Product Includes Clear Printed Bunny Supply Co Logo
  • Mock Ups available by request

Portable Indoor Pet Bunny Rabbit House


 FUN FACT - Rabbits are mammals belonging to Leporidae family of the order Lagomorphia. There are 305 breeds of domestic rabbits in the world! Several of the most common house rabbit breeds are Holland lops, angoras, Netherland dwarfs, pygmy, mini rex, chinchilla, mini satin, and lion head rabbits. The term Oryctolagus cuniculus is the official name for rabbits and all their descendants.
  1. 3 Hole Rabbit Runaround Tunnel Toy 

If you have been looking for the best rabbit tunnel ideas, look no further! The next item on our list is one of the most commonly sold pet rabbit toys available on our website today. The Classic 3-Way Rabbit Runner Tunnel from Bunny Supply Co! This runaround rabbit tunnel is perfect for bunnies and rabbits of all ages, because it consistently providing hours of entertainment and exercise.  This creative item fulfills a rabbit’s biological desire to burrow and tunnel; making this best-selling toy exactly what every rabbit wants and needs. Rabbits love playing in this tunnel, running back and forth, exploring, and having access to their own private hiding place.


  • Spacious sizing for rabbits up to 10 pounds
  • Easily Cleans & Wipes Down
  • Steel Wire Frame + Nylon + Polyester Cloth
  • Lightweight & Easily Folds Up for Easy Storage

Baby bunnies absolutely love playing with this tunnel toy!

3 hole play tunnel toy for pet bunnies rabbit

 FUN FACT - A female rabbit is known as a doe, while a male is known as a buck. Baby bunnies are known as kits.
  1. Adjustable Rabbit Leash & Harness (Pet Safe) 

Take your small pet anywhere with this safe adjustable rabbit leash and harness combo. This adorable walking accessory features angel wings built into the harness that can be worn as a cute little costume. You will love how simple, safe, and east it is to use; and your pet will love the freedom and exercise it provides. This harness bunny leash is available in a wide variety of colors such as blue, red, purple, pink, & yellow. This is most certainly our best-selling accessory based on total units sold. We have received hundreds of thank you letters, social media direct messages, and emails from happy customers; as well as countless precious photos! 


  • Pet Safe Easy Adjust Straps
  • Nylon Harness w/ Quick Release & Snap Buckle
  • Alloy Clip – Resists Rust
  • Water Resistant - Great for All Seasons

        safe leashes harness for walking pet bunnies rabbits   pet rabbit leash harness accessory product from bunny supply co

  1. Woven Grass Ball Rabbit Chew Toy 

This Woven Grass Ball Chew Toy from Bunny Supply Co is a staple for any pet rabbit owner’s collection. Featuring 100% high quality natural reed & hemp rope, this all natural rabbit toy is safe for bunnies and rabbits of all ages, breeds, and sizes. This popular product makes for hours of playful fun and stimulation; giving your rabbit a healthier and happier quality of life. A great way to improve the mental and physical health of these creatures is to provide them with toys they naturally enjoy; and this accessory fills that need wonderfully. This classic product makes our “Best-Sellers” list each and every month. It is our dream to see this product with our logo stamped on it in every Petsmart location nationwide! 


  • Natural Grass, Reed, & Hemp Rope
  • 100% Pet Safe Materials
  • Diameter of 10cm (3.7 in)
  • Promotes Hours of Play & Exercise
  • Prevents Lapses in Rabbit’s Mental Stimulation

This specific product has stayed atop our best rabbit toys list month in and month out, so we know it’s desired and adored by rabbit owners consistently.

natural woven hemp grass bunny rabbit ball toy

 FUN FACT: Another name for a domestic rabbit is a lapin. Common breeds of lapin include Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Rex, Oryctolagus, and Pygmy rabbits.
  1. Luxury House Rabbit Sanctuary Bed

Providing a safe and familiar “sanctuary” is not only caring, it is also 100% critical for the mental health of your precious pet. Rabbits are very social creatures, so giving them access to a cozy hideout near areas of family gatherings (such as the family room during movie time, or the kitchen while cooking) allows them to feel secure anywhere. This cozy indoor house rabbit sanctuary easily folds for compact storage, and can be quickly moved just about anywhere. It also includes a free plush pillow mat that can be removed if necessary for cleaning. Show your furry friend how much you love them with this luxury home available exclusively at Bunny Supply Co!


  • High Quality Nylon
  • Plush Dual Density Foam
  • Durable Seemless Stitching
  • Easily Hand Washable
  • Includes Cozy Plush Cushion Mat Bedding

cheap indoor cages hutches for house rabbits bunnies


  1. Mini-Pet Bunny Rabbit Sunglasses Accessory

Wouldn’t it be great to play dress up, and snap a few memorable pictures with your adorable little bun? With these hilarious and adorable small sunglasses for pets you can dress up your furry little friend like the movie star they are! Perfectly sized and fitted for both bunnies and rabbits, these mini sunglasses are by far our company’s “Best-Selling Pet Rabbit Costume Accessory of 2018”. We absolutely love dressing up our bunnies, and you will too! It really is quite hilarious!


  • Specially Fitted Sunglasses for Bunnies & Rabbits
  • Smooth Metal Materials
  • Sized at 8cm x 3cm
  • Fun, Cute, Fashionable Pet Rabbit Accessory

    cute small pet sunglasses bunnies rabbits accessory   sunglasses for small pets cute bunny rabbit accessories


 FUN FACT: The American Rabbit Breeders Association has a complete list of steps necessary for individuals who would like to participate in Show Rabbit Events. Holland Lops are a very common breed shown at fairs due to their curious, loving, and animated personalities.


  1. Bunny Rabbit Hats and Costumes

Discover the cutest hats and costumes for rabbits at Bunny Supply Co! Our dress up accessories for bunnies and rabbits are some of our fastest selling items, to our surprise! We understand the lack of variety online in this area, and plan on growing in inventory greatly to meet consumer desire. Our products are hand chosen to stay on even though binking, bouncing, dashing, and hopping! Super cute right! Most of our rabbit hats are equipped with dual ear holes, allowing your pet's ears to breathe comfortably, and avoid being compressed. If you’ve never tried dressing up your bun in a little hat or costume, you have to try it! It really is so much fun.


  • Soft Mesh & Durable Canvas Materials
  • Easy Adjust Chin Strap
  • One Size Fits Most 
  • Designed w/ Dual Ear Holes
  • Safe, Comfortable, & Fully Functional

     best adjustable hats for bunnies rabbits accessory costumes      best hats for pet bunnies rabbits    costumes hats accessories for bunny rabbit dress up halloween   

pet bunny rabbit hutches cages supplies accessories you can buy online  

We understand how difficult it is to find reliable, professional, and affordable pet rabbit supplies for sale in bulk anywhere online today. Our mission is to provide a streamlined process for those of you seeking to expand your inventory. We are constantly importing new, unique, and hard to find items. We promise to provide the highest quality products each and every time, and would be happy to allow our potential buyers to “Try Before They Buy.”

 If you see any other items currently available at www.BunnySupplyCo.com and you would like to place a wholesale order with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact a member of our staff at bunnysupplyco.helpdesk@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed learning about our top selling pet rabbit supplies, products, and accessories currently available for purchase orders via the Distribution Team at Bunny Supply Co.

We are very much looking forward to bringing our company to the shelves of pet supply stores everywhere, and cannot wait to hear from you. Thanks so much for reading, and talk soon!

Warmest Regards,

The Team at Bunny Supply Co





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