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Popular Toys for Rabbits (2018)

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Popular Toys for Rabbits (2018)

Best Toys for Bunnies & Rabbits 

If you’ve landed on this page, then I have good news for you! Your questions regarding the best bunny rabbit toys and accessories are soon to be answered. The team at Bunny Supply Co has spent hours researching hundreds of house rabbit supply toy products, interactive games, chew toys, accessories, play equipment and more. It’s crucial to understand that providing your small pet with an adequate amount of stimulation, daily interaction, and fun is serious for their health and overall care. This detailed list of answers to the most commonly asked questions is guaranteed to surprise you.

best toys for pet rabbits bunnies play

Without further delay, let’s “hop” right into it!


This will greatly depend on the individual preference and personality of your rabbit. Here is a short list of popular toys available both for purchase and through your own creativity.

Hanging Timothy Hay Feeder - This is a great option if you tend to leave your pet in a cage or hutch for extended periods of time. Simply place a handful of timothy hay, a growing bunny’s favorite healthy snack, within the wire frame of the feeder and dangle it near the corner of their cage. They will pull and tug at the hay while standing on their hind legs; providing entertainment, exercise, and a natural challenge. Every small pet loves this Hay Toy for Bunnies 


hay toy for pet rabbits bunnies play products best rabbit toys you can buy online

 Safe Bunny Chew Toys – All domesticated bunnies and rabbits love wooden chew toys. There’s nothing better than watching your furry little friend tossing, flinging, and chewing away at a new toy. Some breeds of rabbits, such as Holland Lops, even enjoy using wooden dumbbell style toys for a game called “reverse fetch.” This is where you place the toy near them, and they play by pushing it away from their space, and all around the room. It’s always so funny to watch!                        safe chew toys for bunnies rabbits

Thick Paper or Cardboard Boxes – There are so many ways to build your own pet bunny rabbit house, fort, hideout, or sanctuary out of cardboard boxes. Small pets love to hop, bink, run through, sleep and hideout inside. In addition, try filling a small box with shredded paper, packing peanuts, hay, or leaves from your yard in order to provide them with a safe and harmless place to tunnel and burrow. They go wild for this as well. The website by Binky Bunny has several other good ideas on this subject.


There are countless homemade toys to give a pet bunny. A baby bunny is known as a kit. Some toys can be made at home, while others are more durable and costly. Due to the fact that just about all of us like to save money, I will discuss the free options first. Home made bunny rabbit toys are made from non-toxic items, usually found in the common house-hold, that they can chew, gnaw, push, flip over, dig in, or explore.

These can include:

  • cardboard toys from used toilet paper rolls
  • small non-toxic rolling items (such as toy balls)
  • wooden cups, plates, or bowls
  • newspaper pages for tearing
  • a burrow box made from a paper container and shredded paper
  • a tunnel made by cutting the bottom off an old trashcan

house rabbit play toys accessories for bunnies

There are also several popular rabbit toys available for purchase that your pet is sure to love. The best are:

3-Way Runaround Play Tunnel for Rabbits

  • Appeals to their biological desire to dig, tunnel, and burrow
  • Includes several dangle toys for added stimulation and play
  • Easily folds for ease of transportation and storage
  • Increases overall exercise rate of rabbits for better health

                                play tunnel toy for rabbits bunnies to run through online

Grass Ball Chew Toy for Bunnies or Rabbits

  • Pet safe and non-toxic
  • Helps maintain proper length of teeth
  • Proven “Rabbit Toy Best-Seller”
  • Provides hours of fun and entertainment

                                   grass ball chew toy for bunnies rabbits playing

Timali Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

  • Interactive chew toy setup
  • Provides variation in use and stimulation
  • Great for rabbits up to 8 pounds

You can also find toys for bunnies and rabbit by clicking HERE 


Try your best to avoid letting your small pet chew on anything plastic, metal, glass, artificially colored, or able to be swallowed. The safest types of rabbit toys are typically made of wood, natural woven grass, or hemp. A wide variety of pet safe options are available HERE

 Little Known Fun Fact: Rabbits were first used by citizens of Ancient Rome as a source of food and fur. The first prevalence of training and breeding these adorable creatures for use as house pets began in the 1980’s.



It’s true that earning the love and trust of a new bunny is easier said than done. This is why your bunny won’t let you pet them, cuddle, or allow you to pick them up. To begin, it’s important to understand that new bunnies lack the biological DNA of naturally trust humans. This stems from the fact that they are prey animals by design. When scared or intimidated, they will thump, hide, and run under the bed or couch. They will also become very nervous and difficult if you try to pick them up. The trick to fixing this is getting them to feel safe, loved, and secure around you. Try these six tips:

  • Talking to them with a gentle voice
  • Avoid causing loud noises
  • Laying down next to them
  • Feeding them tasty rabbit treats
  • Giving them space and privacy when they obviously want it
  • Gently rubbing their forehead with one finger

toys to help bond with your pet bunny


The widest variety of pet rabbit supplies, toys, products, and accessories is available on the Bunny Supply Co website. Here you can find everything from chew toys, houses, cages, hutches, leashes, nesting cushions, indoor beds, grooming brushes, carriers, hats, tunnels, shirts, and more! Each and every product is hand selected, pet safe, and quality approved.

walking leash harness for rabbits bunnies    play fort for pet rabbits bunnies


The manner in which these adorable creatures enjoy play is through mimicking their natural behaviors and actions in the wild. One example of this includes activities such as chewing, gnawing, pulling and tugging. This simulates foraging for food which is exactly what a lapin does most of its time while roaming free. Another form of play that all rabbits love is digging and burrowing. This is how they evolved to hide from predators, escape the elements, and give birth to their babies. Try providing them with a shallow box filled with tissue paper, and watch them dig away. You can learn more the playful nature of rabbits on the House Rabbit Society website.

 Fun Fact: Bunny rabbits make good pets; the two most common reasons are that they can be trained to use a litter box, and respond to verbal cues once trained.


A great place to buy hats and other costume accessories for your small pet is within the Hats for Bunnies and Rabbits Collection on the Bunny Supply Co website. The most commonly purchased items include small adjustable hats, miniature Hollywood style sunglasses, sailor costumes, and bonnet hats. There is a wide variety of color options available; all of which are very cute.

hats for bunnies rabbits to wear    costume toys accessories for bunnies rabbits  


The best items for truly enriching the life of your beloved pet are typically simple and easy to come by. Get creative by giving them anything that provides mental and physical stimulation, a challenge, and creativity. You can try hiding treats in a rabbit treat dispenser, or within a brain game found on the Bunny Approved website. If you are looking to increase the amount of physical exercise they get on a daily basis, try getting them a runner tunnel. You can also consider purchasing a walking harness and leash for taking short walks in the park.

A wonderful article by Business Insider lists the top 10 rabbit toys you can buy online as well and can be viewed HERE

playing with your pet bunny rabbit


It is completely up to you how much effort you want to put into the living quarters of your pet. Some owners go all out; building extravagant and luxury housing sanctuaries for their companions. Although this can be a ton of fun, you don’t need to worry about all that if you don’t feel like it. There are, however, a few items that every cage needs to have supplied and stocked at all times. Here is a list of several items that every rabbit cage needs:

  • An adequately sized litter box
  • Some form of water dish or bottle
  • A soft nesting cushion or bedding
  • Sufficient timothy hay or feed pellets
  • A lounging area free of moisture
  • At least two stimulating toys or games

To view a list of awesome chew toys for bunnies has been compiled by our friends at Bunny Proof, and is also worth a look!


                       best popular toys for bunnies to play with to buy online

 Fun Fact: Sandy Crook, author of the 1981 book Your French Lop is credited with bringing the idea of enjoying the company of a rabbit inside the home to the masses.




toys for bunnies rabbits


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