Popular Supplies for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co Popular Supplies for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co
Popular Supplies for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co

Popular Supplies for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co

Popular Supplies for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co

If you are reading this, chances are you either own a pet rabbit or are thinking about getting one? If so, congratulations! This Bunny Supply Co article  will teach you a variety of important facts about owning a bunny or rabbit, as well as several essential supply products necessary for helping your pet live as healthy and comfortably as possible! Let’s get right into it..

  1. Healthy Food Options for Rabbits

It’s no surprise that your pet will need to eat. Growing bunnies and adult rabbits eat CONSTANTLY! A rabbits favorite snack is timothy hay. Providing a constant supply of fresh timothy hay to your rabbit is one of the best things you can do to supply them with a healthy diet. They also love eating garden vegetables and fruits low in sugar. Examples of these include carrots, cilantro, bananas, apple slices, watermelon balls, strawberry slices, ect. Do not give your rabbit just any kind of lettuce; as some forms are very unhealthy and can harm their gut. Pellets purchased from a local pet store, such as Petco or PETSMART, are convenient but not the healthiest option. Some rabbits can be allergic to certain ingredients, and have diarrhea as a result.

  1. Indoor Houses for Bunnies

If you own a pet bunny you will need to consider several things when choosing a house for them. First of all, they will want an enclosed and roofed sanctuary. Bunnies and rabbits are prey animals by nature, so they feel most comfortable under a covered and secure area. The BEST INDOOR RABBIT HOUSES can be found on our website, and are absolutely adorable! We sell a wide variety of indoor housing options, such as portable huts, playpens, and indoor hutches. Second off, we recommend an indoor house that can easily be moved around. Bunnies are very social creatures, so being able to move their house indoor the living room while you watch TV will give them somewhere to relax and feel safe; while also feeling surrounded by family and loved ones.

                   Indoor Pet Bunny Rabbit House | Bunny Supply Co           Houses for Bunnies Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co

  1. Quality Pet Rabbit Brushes

Your pet will need to be groomed from time to time to remove access fur. Owning a quality brush that is gentle yet effective is a must have for all rabbit owners. We have tried a variety of BRUSHES FOR RABBITS and the best by far is sold on our website in the “Pet Rabbit Care Products” Collection. It is very gentle and does an amazing job at removing access allergens scattered about the house. We also recommend getting yourself a Magic Grooming Glove as it is also very gentle, and allows you to groom your bunny while gently petting them. That is always a win-win!

                      Pet Bunny Rabbit Brush      Brushes for Rabbits & Bunnies | Bunny Supply Co    

  1. Fun Toys & Games for Rabbits

In the wild, a rabbit is always on the move. Eating, running, chasing, and burrowing are a constant for them. Domestic bunnies and rabbits are no different; and they can bore very easily if not entertained. The BEST RABBIT TOYS Several toys that are sure to keep your pet rabbit busy are wooden chew toys, runner tunnels to stimulate burrowing, rolling treat dispensers, dumbbells for reverse fetch, and hanging timothy hay feeders. We have found that a rabbits favorite game is running through a tunnel, and binking! It’s so cute to watch so we definitely recommend getting a Bunny Supply Co Pet Rabbit Tunnel. We have two, three, and four way tunnels at the lowest prices! You can also find several do it yourself ideas for DIY rabbit toys from the House Rabbit Society Website. They are great!

           Best Toys for Pet Rabbits | Bunny Supply Co                            Rabbit Toys | Bunny Supply Co

  1. Bunny & Rabbit Leashes

Being able to take your pet on a casual walk through the yard or neighborhood is so much fun when you have the right product. You can pick up one of several safe ADJUSTABLE PET RABBIT LEASHES on our website, and they even come with an easy clip harnesses! It is important to never tie a rope or chain around your rabbit’s neck. New bunnies can spook easily if they are not used to being walked, and this can be very dangerous. Always make sure you use a body harness that will not dig into their side if they try to run off.

Cute Pet Bunny Rabbit Leash | Bunny Supply Co

  1. Waterproof Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

If you are planning on housing your rabbit outside, make sure it is waterproof or has a waterproof covering. There are many types of simple and luxury rabbit hutches available at a great price from Petco. We have included a link here > https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/category/small-animal/hutches

  1. Beds for Pet Rabbits

You should certainly give your rabbit somewhere soft and comfortable to sleep. You can always find an old blanket from around the house, which works just fine. The only problem with this is that untrained bunnies may pee and poop on the blanket; making a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. It’s nice to have a bed that is somewhat waterproof because those materials tend to not absorb liquids at all. You can find one of the BEST BEDS FOR RABBITS on our website that is waterproof and can easily be cleaned.

Best Beds for Pet Bunny Rabbit

  1. Rabbit Feeder Water Bottles

Although your bunny or rabbit may seem like a small gentle creature, they sure won’t drink like one. Due to the fact that they feed constantly, they will also want to drink almost just as often. You are going to want to make sure that you have a water bottle feeder that is large enough to last at least one full day. The best kind are the ones that have an anti-leak nozzle. We recommend getting one from Petsmart. We have included the link here > https://www.petsmart.com/learning-center/small-pet-care/what-youll-need-for-your-new-pet-rabbit/A0200.html

  1. Hats for Bunnies & Rabbits

Finding adjustable, safe, and fully functional hats for rabbits is hard! Luckily, we have an entire collection of HATS FOR RABBITS on the Bunny Supply Co Website! You are going to want to find a hat that is easily adjustable and stays on properly. Majority of our pet bunny hats have elastic bands that easily keep the hat atop your rabbits head. It is also important to find a hat that won’t irritate or compress their ears. Luckily, our hats have ear holes to prevent this problem. All of our rabbit hats come with free shipping,and are highly recommended if you are looking to play pet dress up!

Cute Hats for Pet Rabbits & Bunnies | Bunny Supply Co

  1. Pet Rabbit Litterbox and Bedding

Just like cats and dogs, bunnies and rabbits can be potty trained. You are going to want to get yourself a litter box and bedding to give them a place to use the potty. Rabbits are not the best at squatting accuracy, so make sure you get a litter box that is large enough for them. You can fill the bottom with pet rabbit bedding products or ripped up newspaper. To learn more about litter box training your rabbit you can visit the link here > http://myhouserabbit.com/rabbit-care/litter-training-your-pet-rabbit/ .

So there you have it! The ten most important and essential facts, supplies, products, and accessories for rabbit owners! We hope you enjoyed this post from Bunny Supply Co. Make sure to visit our website to shop popular and best selling toys, care products, indoor houses, hats, gifts, and accessories for bunnies and rabbits of all shapes and sizes!

Pet Rabbit Supplies, Products, & Accessories | Bunny Supply Co


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