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Necessary Products and Supplies for Pet Bunnies

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Necessary Products and Supplies for Pet Bunnies

Supplies and Products for Bunnies and Rabbits

necessary supplies for a new pet bunny rabbit

 So you got yourself a pet bunny or rabbit! Great!!! Now comes the hard part; acquiring all the important pet bunny products, supplies, and care information you'll need to give them the happiest and healthiest life possible. Our goal with this post is to give you all the necessary information you need to do just that! 

 Types of Pet Bunny & Rabbit Supplies

 Your bunny will need food, water, a good cage, plenty of hay, a water bottle, a carrier, and a hutch if you plan to keep your rabbit outdoors.

 Additional food supplies include pellets or dry food; timothy hay, which is the best kind for rabbits; and fresh vegetables to eat daily. It's usually best to have a water feeder that holds plenty of water, and releases just enough for your pet when they need it! You can buy a wide variety of these necessary pet bunny supplies on our website.

 Other supplies include carriers, towels and blankets, houses, litter boxes, and rabbit-safe litter to ensure safe hygiene for your bunny. You can also supply your rabbit with a toy or two to give them something to occupy themselves with over the day. Below we have included another website that sells supplies as well. 


Pet Rabbit Houses

 Most rabbits will need a house or cage of some sort. Rabbits don’t always need a cage, but they will likely need a pen or some sort of area to keep them safe at night. The most popular indoor bunny houses can be found on the Bunny Supply Co website as well, always at the lowest prices.


It is also good to know that rabbits don’t like houses made from wire flooring, as this is hard for their feet to withstand. Cages often have plastic floors or solid floors. These are the best kinds for rabbit houses as they ensure proper comfort while letting your bunny also stay safe and secure.

We also found a few long lasting pet rabbit hutches on sale at


Rabbit Supply Selection Tips

 When choosing rabbit supplies, look for items that your pet will love. You can always find highly-rated pet rabbit supplies at ..They usually have free shipping too.


Pet Rabbit Toys, Entertainment, Accessories

 Rabbit supply accessories include replacement bowls, blankets, towels, soft padding for rabbit feet, and feeding accessories such as hay holders and wire feeders. The best selling pet rabbit products include items such as pet bunny supplies, pet bunny tunnels, pet bunny toys, cute bunny phone cases on sale and much more!

When it comes to finding the best toys for a pet bunny , we recommend trying and testing a few different items. You will be very surprised at what your rabbit will be interested in. Some of our rabbits favorite play toys have been so random! In fact, we would have never guessed. Bunnies and rabbits love to pull, push, and toss small items into the air, so look into something like the best rabbit tunnel available at Bunny Supply Co.


Rabbit Food Supply Brands

 Some of the best brands for rabbit supplies include Living World, Kennel-aire, Midwest, Kaytee, Binny, Ware, and Suncast. Each of these brands has an excellent reputation for supplying good quality and long-lasting rabbit food.


Rabbit Supply Prices

On average, rabbit cages typically cost anywhere between $20-$80. Larger cages that hold bigger breeds of rabbits will cost slightly more, while smaller cages with fewer features may cost less.


Rabbit carriers tend to range between $10 for the smallest ones (holding a single rabbit) while the larger carriers can cost upwards of $50. For plastic, durable cages, you should plan to spend about $30-40 on average.

Rabbit feeders are quite affordable, ranging between $8-$25 for larger feeders. If all you need is a small feeder for one rabbit, plan to spend about $10 for a decent, durable unit.


Rabbit water bottles cost anywhere been $10 and $20 and tend to vary in size, durability, and devices to prevent rabbits from knocking them off. You may also want to consider purchasing a bowl in addition to your feeder, which may cost between $5 and $10.


Thank you so much for reading the Bunny Supply Co Blog discussing Necessary Products and Supplies for Pet Rabbits. We hope you got some value from us, and we wish nothing but lasting love with your furry little friend!


 PS. For more information regarding popular products, supplies, or accessories for pet bunnies or rabbits, check out the links below!


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  • Katherine

    YOUR BUNNY SHOULD NOT USE A CAGE!!!! If you cant free-roam, USE AN X-PEN. Using a cage is like stuffing a human in a closet and expecting it to live there!!! SAY NO TO CAGES!!

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