7 Best House Rabbit Supplies (2019) | Bunny Supply Co. 7 Best House Rabbit Supplies (2019) | Bunny Supply Co.
The Best House Rabbit Supplies List

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The Best House Rabbit Supplies List

The Best House Rabbit Supplies List

Rabbits make absolutely amazing pets! There’s really nothing better than an adorable bundle of fur staring up at you at the end of a long day.

With the right knowledge and understanding for these precious creatures, your rabbit will bring you more joy than you ever expected. Here’s a list of Essential House Rabbit Supplies every owner needs!

In this article, we will cover..

  • The cost of owning a rabbit
  • Litter training tips and information
  • Bonding with your bunny
  • indoor rabbit housing options
  • How to bunny proof your home
  • Carriers for transporting your small pet
  • Popular rabbit grooming brushes

So without further wait, let's hop right into it!

best house rabbit supplies list

  1. The Cost of Owning a Rabbit

Although worth every penny, pet bunnies and rabbits are not cheap. Aside from the typically low cost (about 40$) of buying your pet, you can also expect to pay for items of standard care. These usually include food, housing, toys, nail clippers, vet fees, carriers, ect.

Sometimes, finding these items can be a bit difficult to find at affordable prices. This is actually exactly why we founded our online rabbit care product store, Bunny Supply Co! We provide great deals on quality tested products with FREE shipping worldwide.

     Cute Bunnies



      Training your pet bunny how to go to the bathroom in it’s litter box may be a bit tricky at first, but it is certainly possible. The secret is to consistently reinforce good habits with soft spoken words, or treats when available. I was able to train my first bunny in about two weeks, and my second in about a week once I knew this trick.

    how to litter train a bunny rabbit

    What also helps is to pick up their droppings with a tissue and place them in the litter box in plain site of your bunny. This helped me train my second bunny tremendously. All bunnies learn a little differently.

    how to litter train a rabbit or bunny

    In a previous article, discussed a specific supply list for a new bunny or rabbit which we recommend for you to take a look at. Those of you who are thinking about getting your first bunny should certainly look into getting one from a rabbit rescue. Most rescues typically begin potty training their bunnies as soon as possible, which may lead to less work needed to be done by you once you get them home.

    Click this link to learn more about Litter Training a Rabbit


    Although gentle and social creatures by nature, bunnies can be hard to bond with at first. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to cuddle, love, or hold your bunny, only to have them run off and give you that evil eye. But don’t worry! Your bunny wants to bond with you, as much as you do.

    Don’t forget that they are prey animals by nature. The first recommended tip is to spend quality time playing fun and interactive games with them in a quiet, secure, and covered area. You can find the Best Toys for Rabbits or Bunnies on our website! Everything you will find is quality tested, and sure to be loved by your furry little friend.

    Best toys for rabbits or bunnies    Toys for Rabbits

    1. Indoor Rabbit Housing Options

    This is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood factors contributing to the overall quality of life for your bunny. Pet rabbits and bunnies require need time to relax and unwind by themselves somewhere safe, comfortable, and familiar.

    Bunny Supply Co has unbeatable prices on quality Indoor Houses for Rabbits at the lowest prices available online! We have one for each of our rabbits, and we usually bring them into the living room with me while working. Each one of them absolutely loves their little house. 

    Check out this quick compilation video of our best selling indoor rabbit housing item. It's called the pet rabbit playtime fort!


    Bunnies have two sharp front teeth and trust me they are not afraid to use them. If you tend to let your bunny roam around, then I’m sure you know what I mean. They love chewing phone charging cables, TV cables and plugs, credit cards, picture frames, you name it.

    One easy way to prevent chewing is to keep them entertained. Leave toys out for them, and encourage play. In my experience, bunnies only chew on human items if they are bored, so avoiding that will help tremendously. You can also purchase cable covers at your local office supply shop, which will keep important TV and computer cables hidden from your rabbit. Out of sight, out of mind, right!

    pet bunny rabbit proofing tips information

          6. House Rabbit Carriers for Small Pet Transportation

    There are going to be times where transporting your house rabbit is going to be necessary. This is when you are going to want a reliable method of transportation, that is also safe for your pet. Here at Bunny Supply Co, we believe that we sell the Best Carriers for Pet Rabbits at the lowest prices available online. You can also learn more information about choosing the best form of Pet Rabbit Transportation HERE  ..

          Best Rabbit Carriers or Crates     Best Rabbit Carrier - Bunny Supply Co

    For those of you looking for a unique carrier for transporting a rabbit or bunny, check out our popular Astro-Rabbit Carrier Capsule Backpack we recently started carrying! It is one hundred percent pet safe, and fully functional.

    Careful consideration was taken in designing this rabbit carrier. It has plenty of space, plenty of air flow, breath-ability, and a quick attachment for your pet's leash or harness. Rabbit owner's from all around the world absolutely love it!

    backpack carrier for bunnies or rabbits on sale online

    7. Tips for Grooming your Rabbit

     When caring for your small pet, it is necessary to brush them and trim their nails on a regular basis. It is recommended to get in the habit of brushing every three days or so. When they begin their heavy shed, typically every three months, they will need your assistance in removing excess hair. 

    We recommend a grooming accessory that gently removes extra fur, like our best brush for grooming rabbits on our website.

    best rabbit grooming brush for bunnies on sale online free shipping

    Another great alternative is the magic rabbit grooming glove brush. This accessory comes in the form of an adjustable hand glove, with dozens of small rubber tips to safely remove extra hair from your bunnies coat! This is a perfect option for those of you who own a delicate young bunny with a thin coat.

    rabbit grooming glove brush accessory for bunnies


    I hope you enjoyed our first blog post about pet bunnies! I plan on providing useful information to bunny lovers and owners across the globe as much as possible. Please email us at bunnysupplyco@gmail.com if you want us to research and post about a certain topic or question you may have. Thanks for reading, and talk soon!

    Best Rabbit Supplies, Products, or Accessories Online

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